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Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts, be ready to surprise!

December is a month of celebration and joy, of great gatherings and of time spent with the family. But above all, December is the month of Christmas gifts, the
SFConfidential San Francisco

I left my heart in San Francisco

Sometimes things just happen. And they happen so fast you barely have time to think, until they are set and done. This is pretty much what happened with our cooperation
fashion trends fw19

Fashion trends for FW19-20.

September is that month of the year that, more than any other, marks a new start for people. You are back from your holiday leave, kids go back to

One poncho, eight looks!

Have you ever said “I’ve got nothing to wear”? It is something that everybody says, once in life, don’t you agree? What if we tell you that you need just
cashmere garment

It’s way too easy to say cashmere!

The purchase of a cashmere garment is always considered a great investment, in any season. Not just because the garment you buy is made with a noble and valuable
preserve cashmere garments

How to preserve your cashmere garments

Thinking about cashmere garments, we often think about a precious and extremely delicate object that needs lots of attentions. This is not so true actually: cashmere goats, whose duvet

I Rocchi Cashmere

:: by GMSTYLEONLINE :: Goodmorning everyone! Today i want to show you this sweater (70% merino 30% cashmere), perfect for winter and made in Italy! the texture of fabric is very special,

D’autunno vestita

:: by MICOL UBERTI :: I love autumn colors, its lights and the lovely felling that makes me wanna hug my boyfriend cause of cold. I love spending some time with him having
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