It’s way too easy to say cashmere!

The purchase of a cashmere garment is always considered a great investment, in any season. Not just because the garment you buy is made with a noble and valuable fiber, but also because it will prove durable over time – as long as you treat it well – and extremely functional.

As we already said here, a cashmere garment is an excellent insulator, providing warmth in winter and freshness even on summer evenings. Moreover, since the fiber is indeed delicate but very durable, it hardly crumples so we can bring our cashmere garment easily in the suitcase and have it ready and perfect for use on our arrival.

buying cashmere garment

However, when we buy cashmere clothes, do we know exactly what we are buying?

And why lately in fast fashion you find so many products labeled as cashmere at such low prices? Here’s a quick guide to buying your next cashmere garment.

There are a few simple rules to keep in mind, to understand whether we are buying a quality garment or not, which do not require special technical skills.

The first element of evaluation for the quality of the fabric is touch: compared to the knitwear made with wool yarns, cashmere products must be much softer and smoother, light, almost impalpable. If this is the feeling you have by touching the garment, you may rest assured you have a product of good workmanship.

The second element to consider is the tag of the garment you want to buy: on sales in shops we can find both garments in pure cashmere, labelled as “100%”, and blends, which combine other yarns with cashmere, such as for example merino wool, viscose, lurex or polyester. When facing these cases, make sure that the cashmere percentage is at least 20%. Under this percentage the pilling effect, over time, is guaranteed and unpleasant, as our friend Francesca Romana Capizzi rightly points out in her article.

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Finally, when you buy cashmere clothes, always ask the shopkeeper, or better the manufacturer if possible, information about the fineness and length of the yarn used: a long and fine yarn will give light and less pilling-prone products and, above all, it will ensure a duration and quality that will reward your purchase widely.


Credits: Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger