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cashmere garment

It’s way too easy to say cashmere!

The purchase of a cashmere garment is always considered a great investment, in any season. Not just because the garment you buy is made with a noble and valuable
preserve cashmere garments

How to preserve your cashmere garments

Thinking about cashmere garments, we often think about a precious and extremely delicate object that needs lots of attentions. This is not so true actually: cashmere goats, whose duvet

I Rocchi Cashmere

:: by GMSTYLEONLINE :: Goodmorning everyone! Today i want to show you this sweater (70% merino 30% cashmere), perfect for winter and made in Italy! the texture of fabric is very special,

D’autunno vestita

:: by MICOL UBERTI :: I love autumn colors, its lights and the lovely felling that makes me wanna hug my boyfriend cause of cold. I love spending some time with him having

Poncho: never without

:: by MICOL UBERTI :: Milan, my beloved but strange city. The place where you get out with a sunny and warm weather but you suddenly find yourself in a cold wind

I Rocchi cashmere seducaiton

:: by AMALYA KHACHIYAN :: Is that black on white, white on black, thin or thick, horizontal or vertical, mixed or matched, stripes are the longest married couple of clothing of all the

Poncho fashion with I Rocchi

:: by AMALYA KHACHIYAN :: How can an oversized piece of blanket with a hole inside look so fashionable? Yes, I am speaking about poncho; one of the simple but genius inventions that
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