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Celebrity Look – Winter Edition

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Come on now and confess: once in your life you’ve been going searching for that particular celebrity look, just to see what she (or he!) was wearing on this or that occasion. But relax, it is fine: everybody now and then goes peeking to his or her favourite star look, for – we must be admit – the fashion allure they are able to convey to every look is just stunning!

Well, dreams are for free, while shopping… is not! So why don’t we take advantage of the Sale Season, to copy our favourite celebrity look – winter edition, starting with some famous international VIPs who are also famous for their unconventional and iconic style?

Maxi Pull

A delicate beauty coming from Sweden, Alicia Vikander knows how to style a winter look. Her taste is pretty minimal, but extremely elegant. Want an example? The maxi pull worn with skinny jeans, flats and just some well picked accessory. A perfect celebrity look for your relax moments and on the weekends. Looking for a pull like Alicia’s? Have a look at our proposals.

fashion trends white  

Daily look

daily celebrity look

Whatever your job, the byword for everyone in the morning, as we pick the daily outfit, is  COMFORT! Come on, nobody would sit comfortably in the office with a gown! Comfort though does not mean you have to renounce to style and elegance; so let’s drive inspiration from Julia Roberts’ outfit, which combines a white shirt, slim fit trousers and a super soft cashmere pull. Voilà, totally effortless! If you want her pull, come check our web site!


When Frozen comes to town

cold weather celebrity look

When temperatures drop down, or if you just are not a Winter lover, it is quite normal to go out covered in wool layers (and a lot of them!). But our goal is to be no-matter-what-elegant, not just the little sister of the Michelin man. Want to see? The celebrity look of beautiful Emma Stone is perfect, as she matches a soft wrap to the ribbed pull. An incredibly warm combo that is very easy for you to replicate!


A warm embrace

Rihanna celebrity look

Celebrities are fond of ponchos and wraps, as they are a good alternative to the classic jacket or coat. How to avoid the clumsy effect? Pick quality garments which will embrace your body without wrapping it too tight, possibly with a particular detail that makes it unique. Though, well, it is impossible not to notice Rihanna! Copy her style


What about accessories

celebrity accessories

Accessories are the icing on the cake for every celebrity look! When it is cold, soft and coloured beanies can complete the outfit and keep you warm, with glam. Look at Cara Delavingne; her beanie can be yours, have a look


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