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How to choose a sweater based on your body.

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Autumn, time to dust off the ultimate cuddle garment: the sweater! Soft yarns, multiple colours and many different shapes and designs. How cool! But do you know how to choose a sweater that best enhances our body? Here is a short guide for you, to help choose a sweater that suits your body.

Do justice to your curves

If you have little breast, avoid too tight sweaters and instead opt for softer lines. Play with patterns: stripes, flowers, colourful designs create an optical effect that gives you an extra size. On the other hand, if you have a large breast and you do not want to hide it in the cold season, play with V-necks or crossed sweaters to bring out your forms. For a more elegant style, choose a not too lose crewneck pull.

Each height with his own pull

To slender a petite figure, avoid large pullovers and high collars, which tend to shrink; you can instead choose a sweater with a medium-sized deep neckline, even better if it doesn’t go over your hips, to maintain the right proportion.

Go for oversize pieces if you reach  170 centimetres and have a slender build; for all intermediate heights, you can pick the lengths of your choice, always respecting the characteristics of your body.

Choose the sweater based on your shape

Wide hips and pear shape? Prefer close-fitting and short pullovers, to enhance the waistline; even the cardigan can work for you, as long as it is soft and fastened in the central part. If you have an androgynous or apple shape instead, look for flared meshes that do not shrink at the bottom, to avoid the bag effect.

Finally, those with a small body can have fun choosing particularly woven models, with embroidery, braids and lozenges.

What about colours?

Even colour plays a fundamental role when you choose a sweater that is perfect for youy. Basically, dark colours help to hide the most generous forms, while light ones highlight them. We all know that every type of complexion has colours that can enhance it, colours that should be chosen based on tone and undertone. Basically, however, remember that red, light pink, dark purple and teal can be inserted in any wardrobe, without any doubt!

Now it’s up to you, start searching (and shopping) and follow our advice to choose the sweater best suited to your body. Have a look at our online boutique, right here!

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