D’autunno vestita


I love autumn colors, its lights and the lovely felling that makes me wanna hug my boyfriend cause of cold.
I love spending some time with him having a cup of hot chocolate in a casual pub we find on our way.
I know that the most loves summer, but I’m coinveinced that cold seasons are the best ones (maybe because I was born on the 22nd December?).
I just wanna get out, take a walk down the street and stare at a sunset that comes in advance… I can’t get enough of this!
Some days ago I was sick but tired to spend my time at home watching movies in my bed so I decided it was time to go out and to walk through the amazing sunny lakeside.
I put a little make up on my face and I wore my beloved Rocchi Cashmere cape, the one with those amazing red leaves nuances on it…
It was so magical to look at ducks that lazily swom with their babies on the water that looked like a mirror…
What a fairy tale… Please don’t wake me up!