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DISSOCIATO. In a combination of letters, a world to be discovered: that of artisanal dyeing.

A process that chooses the beauty of the hand-made and a workmanship created to make the product even more exclusive. And it is precisely in the exclusivity, in the tradition and in the handmade that our company has always believed, sinking its roots in a territory rich in art and savoir-faire.

We, I Rocchi Cashmere, among the green hills of Umbria, aim every day to create unique and comfortable garments to wear. Our great curiosity and the desire to experiment with new processes have led us to intertwine our past with the present, in style and avant-garde. In fact, design is only the last piece of a process that begins much earlier: from research, from the project, from the desire to create unique pieces that are equal only to themselves. Just think of the careful selection of yarns, all of high quality, or the long hours of work that make our garments handmade in Italy, not only on the label but in fact.

From this mix of fine fibers, know-how and innovation comes our latest capsule, the DISSOCIATO line.

The great must-haves of knitwear, such as the turtleneck or the crew neck, are re-proposed with a completely fresh and new style. Like real abstract paintings to wear, the sweaters of the DISSOCIATO capsule add to the preciousness of the yarns also that of a very special dyeing.

DISSOCIATO, from the dyeing technique to the capsule collection.

The blend of cashmere, silk and lurex is colored with art and originality through this completely artisanal dyeing technique. A process that goes perfectly with knitwear and with a fashion that believes in uniqueness, a touch (of color) that really makes the difference. Through an immersion process, the garments light up with ever new, always different shades. More tenuous, stronger, fuller, discontinuous.

Between plays of light and colors, the DISSOCIATO line enjoys renewing knitwear with a fresh and contemporary mood. Lightweight and versatile, with great visual and color effects, these garments are perfect for experiencing spring in the name of style and exclusivity. From the office to the weekend, from formal to casual look, it is always the right occasion to wear a garment from the DISSOCIATO capsule.

So what are you waiting for? Discover the whole collection!



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