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Ecoprint: the green revolution.

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In the past few years we have often heard of “innovation with respect for tradition“, especially when talking about design, fashion and costume.

What exactly does it mean? It means that many companies, despite the progress and innovations made in their work, always have their roots firmly rooted, which remain a true point of reference.

We, at I Rocchi Cashmere, took this statement literally and went to brush up on a printing technique with an ancient flavour, to create very modern garments. The technique, called Ecoprint, is based on the use of leaves, flowers and berries found in the Umbrian woods to dye and decorate our garments.


The main idea is very simple: each garment is wrapped together with leaves and berries which, thanks to the heat, release their natural pigments on the fabric. The result are unique patterns, which make each garment truly exclusive. Cashmere in particular, and wool, are the materials that best lend themselves to this type of dyeing: their microscopically scaly structure makes them particularly permeable to the tannins contained in the leaves, thus allowing a more vivid and brilliant colouring.

But there is something more: the Ecoprint process takes place in a completely natural way, without the addition of chemicals. In this way, not only can we make unique garments, but we also do it with total respect for the environment. A small green revolution, for a fashion that in addition to aesthetics is attentive, eco-conscvious and anything but fast: this is the message we want to convey with our FW2020 collections. Our collections will be presente for the first time at the next MFW 2020.

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