Fashion trends for FW19-20.

September is that month of the year that, more than any other, marks a new start for people. You are back from your holiday leave, kids go back to school, you sign up for a new year at the gym, you make resolutions and start thinking what you would like to wear for the upcoming season.

We found some interesting tips for you, new fashion trends coming directly from the front row of the most amazing fashion weeks of the world. So sit down, take a piece of paper and a pen and get ready to find the new trend that suits you!

Back to minimalism

The most interesting new fashion trend comes from the ‘90s: the return of minimalism. Of a different kind though: for the next FW, it is going to be more feminine, easy going and relaxed. The new clothes are inspired to the roomwear, a more comfortable yet sophisticated style for the office and for freelancers, that work from their house, in bars, libraries and gardens.

fashion trends minimalism   fashion trend minimalism

On the other side

Fashion has got us used to everything and the exact opposite. So among the upcoming fashion trends there will be also feathers, sequins and jumbo-sized elements, such as pulls, cloaks. Because less is more, just not everyday!


Black and White

Some fashion trends just never fade. Black and white, like yin and yang, will never go out of fashion, so here they are again! Wear them in total looks (total white or total black) or as single pieces to enlighten or add some drama to your outfit. Try them also in optical combination, another evergreen that we are going to find next season.

fashion trends black and white  fashion trends white

Colour block

Life is full of colours, and so are fashion trends. Even better when you wear them as a colour block. The most sought-after nuances for next Fall are red, blue and yellow, a vitaminic boost for your mood and the first rainy and chilly days we will be soon facing.

  fashion trends blue  fashion trends red  fashion trends red


Photo credits: Unsplash and Pinterest