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Five spring outfits for your office look

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As the temperatures begin to rise, we start to feel we need to shake off the winter dust and reflect spring awakening with our wardrobe. Normally, in winter time, people prefer wearing dark colours and thick clothes, so as to stay warm and cosy; but when spring comes, we feel like our previous dress code has become boring and depressing.

This need for a change is even stronger in working women, who have to go out everyday and find sometimes difficult to pick the perfect combination for their work wear office looks. So here for you we have some style tips for a formal, elegant yet comfortable working attire.

Monday office look

If you believe total white is a Queen-of-Snow kinda look, well you’ll have to change your mind. See how a light cardigan, like our Pia pull, with matching trousers can become the focus of an astonishing outfit. Effortless elegance


Tuesday work attire

We fell in love with pencil skirts a few seasons ago, and we still love them. The best way to emphasize a thin silhouette is to wear them with a superlight pull, such as Cora, either with matching or contrasting color. Just remember, it has to embrace the figure without being too tight. 

Wednesday colourful outfit

Half of the week has gone, it’s time to add some colour to our spring office look. What about a block colour look, with a semi-turtleneck pull like Giselle that matches your trousers? Here is a wide selection of colours you can pick from. 

Thursday comfy shape

Collared shirt with a crew neck pull or cardigan, like the one you see here, on top and paired up with straight pants. A very simple attire that never goes out of fashion. Comfy, formal and suitable for any shape. To add more style, you can wear contrasting coloured shoes. 

Friday, casual at last!

It is casual Friday, at last! You are allowed to go to the office with a less formal outfit that anticipates the weekend. Wear a colourful crew neck like these on your favourite jeans and add another touch of colour with our scarf


Credits: cover image Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash; outfits: Pinterest





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