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I left my heart in San Francisco

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Sometimes things just happen. And they happen so fast you barely have time to think, until they are set and done.

This is pretty much what happened with our cooperation with SFConfidentialSFC is a brand new project which aims to support made in Italy in San Francisco, through a series of actions carried out by a team of Italian and American professionals.

SFConfidential San Francisco SFConfidential San Franscisco

When America entered our lives

A few months ago, we started discussing about the chance of being involved in this project, and not just to sell in the US our products. We wanted to export also our creativity, our experience, our skills, our philosophy and yes! our family.

So we sat down to think about “the right product” and had long phone calls with the SFConfidential people. We became somehow a team, sharing ideas and thoughts, inspirations of the moment and well set experience.

SFConfidential San Francisco SFConfidential San Francisco

A declaration of love to San Francisco

We finally came out with a capsule collection of a few pieces, dedicated to San Francisco city and market: a little bomber, an overcoat, a cardigan, a maxi cardigan and a zipped pullover. Angela Pavese, from SFConfidential team, has defined it: “A micro-capsule of all-natural cult items, beautiful and fit for a stars-and-stripes parade. A micro capsule that goes through time, space and generations, to land in one of the coolest stores in San Francisco. A micro-capsule of basic items, re-interpreted with yarn blends and recycled materials, for non-existing situations.”

Our capsule is contemporary but with an history; basic, but with a luxury hint. It is unique, as unique are the people who take part in our creative and business process and unique is the long lasting experience we can bring in our work.

SFConfidential San Francisco SFConfidential San Francisco

With the same enthusiasm and passion that have driven us since 1977, we are ready to face this new experience. We are ready to take Umbrian tradition of cashmere weaving and craftmanship to the Golden Gate City.  Will you follow us?

Photo Credits: Angela Pavese

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