One poncho, eight looks!

Have you ever said “I’ve got nothing to wear”? It is something that everybody says, once in life, don’t you agree?

What if we tell you that you need just a new perspective to change your look, without affecting you wallet? Think about our pure cashmere ponchos. Have you ever thought about wearing them in a different way, and thus add a particular flavour to your outfit? Well, we have, so here is our short guide for you!

Daily outfit

The daily routine is often tough, so your daily look has to conform with it and focus on practical garments with a fashion kick.

Wear your poncho in the most classical way: it will keep you warm and your hands will be free to carry a purse, a shopping bag or your mobile. Coupe de style? Wear a shiny necklace to shed some light in it! Otherwise, use it as a thick scarf, just to add some colour to your office outfit.


one poncho eight looks



Sporty outfit

If fashion is your favourite playground, have a look at three ironic and fun alternatives you can choose to shine an original outfit for your nights out with friends.

Mix colours, fabrics, accessories such as high waisted belts, and your look will rock the night, for sure!



Elegant outfit

When you need to emphasize the elegant attitude of an outfit, or if you want to underline the perfect tailoring of a dress, wear your poncho so that part of your back is not covered, as you see in the pictures below.

For  those who prefer a less “unveiled” look, or maybe who just need to pimp a suit, use your poncho as a jumper: its soft lines will highlight your figure without wrapping it too tight, an the result will be uncommon and very, very stylish!