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How to preserve your cashmere garments

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Thinking about cashmere garments, we often think about a precious and extremely delicate object that needs lots of attentions. This is not so true actually: cashmere goats, whose duvet is used to produce the yarns, live in extreme weather conditions, with dramatic temperature leaps, which make the duvet so resistant.

Therefore, we only need but a bit of thought to preserve our cashmere garments and have them last for a very long time.


Let’s clarify this first: cashmere yarns perfectly tolerate water and frequent washings. As long as we keep in mind a few rules:

  • Wash the garments inside out;
  • Use water at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees and a few drops of delicate soap;
  • Generously rinse without twisting the fibres, with a gentle pressure to eliminate the water.

This if you prefer hand-washing; should you like more the washing machine, select a gentle programme and set the spin cycle at least at 500/600 spins.


As per the wool, cashmere garments tend to distort with the weight od water. Therefore, keep them in a horizontal position, especially the sleeves; set them away from direct sun or direct heating. For a faster drying process, we recommend to turn the garment at least once.


If you have taken our advices so far, ironing should not be necessary. Nonetheless, if you prefer, you can iron you garments inside out, with light steam touches, without touching them with the iron plate. Let them dry before folding them, to avoid humidity.

How to place your cashmere garments away

Now you should be ready to place everything away for the Summer. Remember to use a bag for each garment, which you will carefully fold before. Insert in the bag also some natural anti-moths, such as a lavender sack, or a spicy pout-pourri. If you are more the do-it-yourself type, you can put some essential oils drops on a cotton ball, mixing bay tree, cinnamon, orange or patchouli and lock them in fabric bags.

Just a few and simple passages that will help you keep your cashmere garments soft, warm and cosy like the very first day.

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