Welcome “I don’t know what to wear!” – season.

Spring and Autumn can be quite a challange for your wardrobe and getting dressed in the morning is the very first task of the day? Want to solve this, once and for all? Buy smart pieces you can wear all year round; and the smartest buy of all is a soft, warm yet light cashmere poncho.

Excellent in Winter, a cashmere poncho can be your ace at the hole and complete your outfits also when temperatures are mild, so that you won’t have to choose between style and comfort, as you will have both!

Poncho or cape?

Let’s clarify first, the difference between poncho, cloack and cape which are not the same garment, though with a similar use. A cape is a sleeveless jacket with buttons on the front side; a cloak is an open coat placed on the shoulders that can have – depending on models – buttons on the neck; a poncho, finally, is a single piece of fabtric with no buttons one can put on through a hole for the head.

Inspired to gipsy and ethnic culture, the poncho is one of those garments that has undergone the most fashionist evolution, with colours, finish and prins. That all, always mantaining its fresh and fun allure.



How to pick the perfect cashmere poncho.

While in Spring and Autumn, try you cashmere poncho with shirts, light cardigans and short-cut jackets; wear close-fitting trousers, jeans or leggins, to match with the wide, upper part. If you do not feel comfortable with the hippy style, avoid long, gipsy skirts and high-heels; use instead lace shoes, or sneakers, but even ankle-boots and boots are ok, as long as the heels are not high!


If you are not sure whether your cashmere poncho is going to mate with your wardrobe, then pick plain colours and a basic design, as it will be easier to fit it into your outfits. Do you like the mix-and-match game and dare to be unique? Buy bright shades for the day, and peculiar design with fringes and trimmings. Light up your evening look with a cashmere poncho with lurex inserts, to wear on dark dresses.


Photo Credits: Pinterest